Why So Many Privacy Notices on the Internet?

Ever notice that privacy notices are ubiquitous on the internet these days? It seems like you cannot visit a website without being barraged by a privacy notice of sorts.

For large California businesses (e.g., Yahoo!, Inc.) the explanation is simple. California law requires businesses that generate over $25 million in revenue and that have an online presence (which large business does not?) to provide a privacy policy on their websites that summarizes, among other things, the sorts of personal information that they collect from their web visitors; the purposes for which that personal information is collected; and the anticipated duration that the business intends to retain that information. Not only that, but California law requires that such policies be updated every year.

Creating a California-compliant privacy policy is tricky—and potentially time-consuming. The statute imposing the privacy-policy mandate is complex and convoluted. But the mandate itself is clear.

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