Business Transactions

Business transactions are a natural and crucial component of every successful enterprise. Inevitably, as your business grows, you will be involved in more and more business transactions — and they will become increasingly complex. In large part, the success of your company depends on your ability to successfully navigate the legal aspects of the business. 

In order to manage your business transactions correctly, you need the help and advice of trained legal counsel, so you do not rely on untrained staff members to wrestle with legal documentation. Doing this would detract from their productivity and also potentially leave you exposed to risk. You need an experienced, knowledgeable legal team to help you navigate your documentation.

Our team of trusted legal attorneys will help with all your business transactions and provide the ongoing legal advice that you need. We add value at every level because we appreciate you, your business, and your strategic goals. 

We work closely with your team and proceed with care to ensure that, no matter how large or small the task at hand may be, our work is always aligned with your goals. We take the burden of legal work off your staff’s shoulders so that you can focus on what you do best — growing your business.

What Kinds of Business Transactions Are the Most Common?

Business transactions include everything relating to contract law, the paperwork that drives your business. Some of the most common transactions include:

  • Entity creation and annual compliance
  • Corporate governance and compliance
  • Contracts with employees
  • Vendor contracts and supplier agreements
  • Third-party contracts

There are many other facets of business transactions, of course. Acquiring other businesses, holding events, selling businesses, taking out patents, expanding to new territories, purchasing commercial real estate, and leasing office space are also business transactions that are governed by law. 

In other words, business transactions are everywhere you look. Many of the transactions involved in the ordinary operations of a business are surprisingly complex and require in-depth legal knowledge. As such, these transactions should not be taken on by staff members who do not have legal training.

A skilled and experienced legal team does more than simply put out fires and help solve problems. In fact, a good legal team will add tremendous value to your enterprise at every stage, sometimes in unexpected ways. An expert lawyer will pay meticulous attention to the details of every business transaction that you are involved in, with an eye to furthering your big-picture goals.

By incorporating a specific clause in a contract, or painstakingly editing a purchase agreement, your legal team can transform the outcome of your everyday business transactions — mitigating millions of dollars in risk or opening the door for you to reshape and rethink the terms of an acquisition. 

We understand that you have a right to the best legal counsel available. Contact us today for the legal advice you need to help your business reach its full potential as it continues to grow.