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Entrepreneurs face challenges across all areas of their business. You need to have confidence that the decisions you make today serve your company’s best interests into tomorrow. This requires a strategy aligned to your core vision, while future-proofing operations against risk.

But markets today are fiercer than ever. To compete and grow, it is critical to spot opportunities in real-time — and execute the right solutions at a predictable cost.

You need more than just another lawyer. You need total business advisors.

MNK Law was formed to meet the needs of businesses like yours, with services including:

  • Traditional business law — everything from business litigation to transactions and human resources compliance
  • Fractional general counsel (GC) — serving as your dedicated attorney and business advisor to ensure you reach your strategic goals
  • Fractional chief operating officer (COO) — for strategic planning, leadership development, culture building, and more

These services empower entrepreneurs. By diagnosing problems and spotting opportunities, we design solutions to fit your unique needs. We are your business attorneys, litigators, employment consultants, operations managers, and advisors in one.

Our specialty experience guides businesses past roadblocks — overcoming obstacles before you even encounter them. But our firm does not just protect your business from the unexpected. We create and implement your avenues for growth.



Managing Attorney
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Senior Attorney
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Senior Attorney
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Associate Attorney
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