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July 18, 2023
It isn’t every day that a state court overturns a decision by the United States Supreme Court. But it isn’t unheard of either. And that is exactly what happened on Monday, July 17 when the California Supreme Court issued its decision in Adolph v. Uber Technologies, Inc. The Adolph decision comes as a direct response to a decision issued by the United States Supreme Court in Viking River v. Moriana last year.
April 25, 2023
Last Tuesday, the US Supreme Court heard an oral argument in Groff v. DeJoy, a case in which the Court is considering whether to overturn decades of precedent established in the 1977 case of TWA v. Hardison (“Hardison”). Hardison established that an employer is not obligated to accommodate an employee’s religion if the accommodation would create more than a “de minimis” burden on the employer’s operations, or an “undue hardship.”