Client Reviews

MNK Lawyers is a key part of my company’s management strategy.  We have a diverse pool of legal and operational issues, and when we do not have the internal resources to make a decision, we turn to MNK Lawyers for advice.  They are timely in their responses and deliver solutions that we find practical, tailored to our unique issues at hand.  I’ve also worked with MNK Lawyers’ founder, Mr. Mohammad Khan, in a professional capacity previously and know him as a skilled attorney who I can trust.  I recommend Mr. Khan and his team.

COO of a Flameless Candle Company

I would like to take a minute to talk about the contributions and integrity demonstrated and provided by Mohammad and the entire team at MNK Lawyers.

Right from the outset, Mohammad and his team invested in us, acting more like business partners, and providing our team with tremendous feedback, building partnerships with our team, versus the normal attorney-client relationship.

Mohammad and his entire team truly have taken the time to invest, learn and fully understand our business. This is a huge benefit when we start to talk about issues, potential problems, or new business opportunities, we can really count on the fact that those guys are there for us, and with our best interests in mind, right at the forefront of our thinking.

All of us here would like to thank the entire MNK team for their tremendous contributions, always ensuring our well-being and acting more like an extension of our internal management structure. Continually they have acted more like an extension of our management team, guiding us to what is in the best interest of our business and our company, truly acting like an invested business partner, not just a General Council Attorney.

President of North American Composite Fabricator

Mohammad has been the strategic, professional, and reliable legal partner we have been searching for. We have used his services for multiple aspects of our business and found his input insightful. All of his output has been prompt and first-class. We are thankful to have such a strong advisor on our side.

President of an Ultraprecision and Optics Manufacturing Company

As a busy CEO of the largest multispecialty group in the bay area, meeting Mohammad Khan, Managing Attorney at MNK Law, has been an excellent strategic alignment. Prior to meeting Mohammad, our medical group was growing 30% annually. We needed to structure ourselves legally and Mohammad provided us with the opportunity to develop a framework that works for us.

CEO of the largest Multispecialty Group in the Greater Bay Area

Mohammad has been a reliable and most importantly a dependable legal partner for us. He is very thorough in his work and is upfront in nature. He brings balanced views to the table which helped us in taking the right decisions. He was instrumental in getting our legal challenges sorted out.

President of an International Software Company

Mohammad has been very instrumental in getting some of our legal challenges sorted out. Not only does he wear a lawyer hat, he is also a business owner and understands the cost side as well. He explains clearly the pros and cons and effort involved, so as a business owner, I can understand the cost-benefit for legal actions. When someone did you wrong, most often ego drives the process and logic takes a back seat. Mohammed brings that balance.

Managing Director of a Recruitment Company

Over the past 20 years, we have dealt with many lawyers, but it is in the past three years that we’ve met the best of the bunch, MNK is the most competent, most insightful, and most down-to-earth attorney we’ve ever seen, and we have one hundred percent confidence in him whenever I ask him to accomplish a task for me. That task will be accomplished, quickly, and MNK will also advise us on all the options possible in accomplishing it, sometimes opening avenues to us that we had not considered. He is an absolutely invaluable tool in my business dealings. Working with Mohammad is a pleasure. He is honest and very respectful. We can reach him anytime any day to get what needs to be done.

President of a Furniture Wholesale Company

I was motivated to pursue various strategic initiatives including multiple acquisitions and litigation based on the trust and confidence that MNK Law instilled in me. I have been astonished by Mohammad’s genuine character, charisma and dedication to work and relationships. I recall the many nights that Mohammad stayed up late to help draft, review documents and meet deadlines and to advise. I am impressed by his calm and collective demeanor and ability to assimilate complex situations, simplify everything, and focus straight to the point that are relevant and practical. Most notably, Mohammad and his team are always willing to genuinely help without any hesitation and led my team to do the same. Not only is MNK helpful but it is very supportive and motivating.

President of a North American Tea Company

MNK Lawyers is one of our key long-term strategic partners. Our firm is facing a complex issue related to our Intellectual Property. MNK will define the project scope, assess risk, provide cost-benefit insight and recommend a course of action. Essentially, MNK Lawyers serves as our “in-house” counsel. They have learned our business and its challenges and partner with us to provide insight and ongoing value.

President/CEO of a Defense Manufacturing Firm

We’re a self-funded green-technology startup and have to be frugal with outside services. MNK’s flexible retainer programs provide us the access we need when we need it at an incredibly affordable price. When we restructured our ownership agreement, MNK took the time to research the out-of-state corporate charter thoroughly and gave far better advice than the original corporate attorneys. I wish we had MNK from the start; we would have saved a lot of time and energy doing it right the first time. They’re professional, efficient, and worth every dime.

CEO of Green Technology Startup