Client Reviews

MNK Lawyers is one of our key long-term strategic partners. Our firm is facing a complex issue related to our Intellectual Property. MNK will define the project scope, assess risk, provide cost-benefit insight and recommend a course of action. Essentially, MNK Lawyers serves as our “in-house” counsel. They have learned our business and its challenges and partner with us to provide insight and ongoing value.

President/CEO of a Defense Manufacturing Firm

We’re a self-funded green-technology startup and have to be frugal with outside services. MNK’s flexible retainer programs provide us the access we need when we need it at an incredibly affordable price. When we restructured our ownership agreement, MNK took the time to research the out-of-state corporate charter thoroughly and gave far better advice than the original corporate attorneys. I wish we had MNK from the start; we would have saved a lot of time and energy doing it right the first time. They’re professional, efficient, and worth every dime.

CEO of Green Technology Startup

When I describe to my colleagues the personalized legal service we get from MNK, they automatically assume we have in-house counsel. MNK takes the time to get to know their clients and their client’s business. They’re a unique asset to our company because they approach legal obstacles from the business perspective and look for ways to “make it work”. Their value comes not only in legal advice and guidance, but in the solutions they provide that are tailored to our overall business strategy.

CEO of the largest U.S. Producer of Hydraulic Cement

MNK is a rare legal firm whose “DNA” is to resolve problems efficiently and fairly before they become larger time-consuming and expensive issues – we find this unique within the industry. Additionally, their innovative monthly retainer program allows our management team to get quick professional advice on a broad range of topics long before they become a crisis. Our partnership with MNK has paid for itself time and time again. I couldn’t give MNK a higher recommendation.

President of a leading Power Electronics Testing Solutions Provider

My struggle with attorneys over the past 40 years has been that their focus is not on what is best for building my business, my company culture, my customers nor my employees; their focus is to prevent suits, win suits, and beat the other party. Mohammad Khan is different. His business acumen, his understanding of human interaction, his ability to weigh the needs of business owner’s and the company’s needs for long-term success while preparing contracts or handling current legal challenges makes him an invaluable part of the leadership team. Regarding strategy, companies I work with have been hesitant to consult council on future strategies for fear of council dissuading them from taking action with long-term upside. With Mohammad we seek his input as he weighs the potential legal exposure against the potential upside of action, provides cautionary guidance where necessary, and helps us create strategies that allow us to accomplish our long-term goals while minimizing (not eliminating) our exposure. It is also a joy to work with an attorney who leaves his ego at the door and welcomes being part of our management team.

Master Chair at a Worldwide Peer Mentoring Organization