New Federal COVID-19 Rules for Healthcare Workers in the Pipeline

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The federal government is slated to publish a new, permanent set of COVID-19 rules for healthcare workers in early Fall 2022. (See here.) In years past, federal OSHA published temporary COVID-19 rules for healthcare workers (those rules, you might recall, were called emergency temporary standard). Those temporary rules expired last December.

Following the expiration of the temporary rules, healthcare unions urged federal OSHA to reinstate rules protecting them from COVID-19. Some unions, in fact, did more than that and petitioned federal courts of appeal to make the temporary rules a “permanent” standard.

The new rules, when enacted, will be permanent and amount to a “final standard that will protect healthcare workers from COVID-19 hazards.” However, in the interim, healthcare employers in the United States must continue to honor their obligations under CMS’s COVID-19 rules and any applicable state and local law.

We will continue to monitor developments and update you when the new healthcare rules are published.

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