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Social Media
February 22, 2024
Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives but poses risks for both employers and workers alike, including privacy concerns, discrimination & harassment, to legal compliances.
February 20, 2024
Collegiate athletes may be considered employees according to a recent decision on February 5, 2024, by the National Labor Relations Board.
February 15, 2024
Workplace investigations play a pivotal role in maintaining a healthy, productive, and compliant environment.
February 13, 2024
California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act makes it unlawful for employers to discriminate against workers who test positive for cannabis in certain types of drug tests and to inquire about their off-duty cannabis use.
February 8, 2024
Gina Carano, an actress and former MMA fighter, made headlines when she filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Disney and its subsidiary, Lucasfilm—the production company behind the popular Star Wars series.
February 6, 2024
In October 2023, California introduced a new law mandating that employers must issue individualized written notices to their current and former California employees by February 14, 2024, informing them that any noncompete clauses or agreements with their employers are rendered void and unenforceable under California law.
January 30, 2024
California employers are required to display their annual summary of work-related injuries and illnesses for 2023 in a visible and easily accessible area at each worksite by February 1, 2024.
January 23, 2024
Last Thursday, January 18, California’s Supreme Court held in Estrada v. Royalty Carpet Mills, Inc. that trial courts lack inherent authority to strike a Private Attorneys General Act claim on manageability grounds. The ruling resolved a prior split of authority on whether PAGA claims may be stricken where there is no manageable way to try them.
January 18, 2024
In the dynamic landscape of business, executives play a pivotal role in steering companies toward success. To ensure a mutually beneficial relationship between executives and organizations, the use of employment contracts is imperative. These legally binding agreements delineate the terms and conditions of employment, safeguarding the interests of both parties.
January 16, 2024
On January 9, 2024, the California Department of Public Health issued a new State Public Health Officer Order for COVID-19 Disease Control and Prevention. In response to this updated public health guidance, Cal/OSHA has revised its policies concerning isolating and testing requirements for employers.