Happiest Place on Earth: Not Such a Happy Place for Class Action Employees

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A recent lawsuit against Disneyland might show that for some of its employees, Disneyland is not the happiest place on earth. The lawsuit—a proposed class action lawsuit composed of over 100 current and former maintenance engineers—alleges several violations of California’s Labor Code. The violations include the failure to reimburse the maintenance workers for the cost of required tools, the failure to pay overtime, and the failure to provide timely meal and rest breaks. The allegations against Disney are not novel and, in fact, are increasingly the bread and butter of plaintiffs’ counsel in California.

The proposed class action seeks at least $1 million in back pay for more than 115 current and former employees. The lawsuit is a warning for all employers—large and small—in California to ensure their wage-and-hour policies and practices are compliant. As the case against Disneyland illustrates, no employer in California is immune to class action claims—not even employers based in the happiest place on earth.

California state law dictates that employees should be reimbursed for work-related expenses or paid at least twice the minimum wage if they use their own tools, which Disney allegedly failed to comply with. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that Disney did not provide mandatory rest periods, accurate wage statements, or adhere to correct overtime rates.

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