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Sound legal advice should not be a luxury.

In today’s complex, highly regulated environment, overlooking the value of legal expertise can lead to costly mistakes down the line. The right counsel at the right time helps a business — and its leadership — limit this risk. 

But exceptional legal counsel offers more than compliance assurance. 

As attorneys with experience in operational management, we serve to spot opportunities that offer new paths toward company goals. This specialty expertise also supports your business’s growth, mitigating and proactively resolving issues as they arise — whether that is a complicated transaction, an employment issue, or business litigation. 

Staying competitive in today’s business landscape demands more than just another lawyer. You need a total business advisor. 

In-house legal counsel is not usually the answer for small to midsize businesses, however. Adding a full-time litigator to your C-suite is not just expensive. It is often inefficient — a growing company’s needs are more diverse.

On-demand access to a range of legal and management skills when you need it most drives more sustainable decision-making. With outside general counsel (GC) and outside chief operating officer (COO) expertise combined, your business gets comprehensive solutions that:

  • Ensure regulatory adherence
  • Reduce risk
  • Pinpoint opportunities throughout operations
  • Streamline efficient management 
  • Align decisions with business objectives

We established MNK Law to meet this demand. As your fractional GC, we serve as your dedicated attorney — while stepping in as your business advisor to help reach strategic business goals. 

The Benefits of Fractional General Counsel

We offer businesses a better solution to their legal needs. Our team has deep experience managing small and large-scale operations alike, with the legal expertise to guide pragmatic approaches to the problems you encounter.

Through this comprehensive approach, our fractional general counsel services benefit your business not just in the process — but by their very design.

No more budgeting for in-house overheads or guessing at the value of hourly legal fees. With outside GC, you get quality legal support that is grounded in business expertise when you need it — and at a predictable cost.

This fractional GC is an on-demand team member who deeply understands your business’s goals, culture, and operations. We are at the disposal of businesses that:

  • Cannot justify expensive general counsel
  • Do not need a full-time legal executive
  • Have a current legal team that requires additional or specialist support for complex matters

Individual attorney skill sets are limited. If an issue arises that does not match their expertise, your business is left to fill this gap.

This reactive cycle is not just costly. It is also difficult to ensure solutions are consistent, strategically aligned, and holistically serving your business’s best interests.

As your outside GC, we provide on-demand support to:

  • Bring multi-dimensional legal skill sets
  • Handle business litigation disputes
  • Negotiate goal-oriented business deals
  • Develop legally sound strategies tailored to your business, diagnosing its needs to create goal-oriented solutions
  • Seamlessly integrate into your current legal team, either in person or as virtual general counsel

By handling legal needs on your behalf, fractional GC empowers entrepreneurs. But we believe that managing risk is a proactive process.

We come from executive backgrounds ourselves. As your counsel, we leverage this experience to spot gaps and opportunities that drive strategic planning. With smarter decisions aligned to your mission, goals, and the law alike, there are fewer surprises and more protection for your bottom line.