Our Fees

We make it easier to budget for legal expenses.

At MNK Law, we believe that businesses should be in control of their costs — including attorney costs. We diagnose a problem, develop a solution, and execute it while providing a predictable fee model that takes away the uncertainty of attorney’s fees. We give you the option to choose a number of billing plans, including retainer billing and a traditional hourly plan.

We have also done away with the monthly overhead that is common with larger firms, which tend to inflate costs due to bloated staff sizes and extravagant offices. MNK Law focuses instead on providing you with top-notch legal and business services in a virtually based law practice.

Monthly budgeting help

Clients and attorneys often fall into conflict over billing. Attorneys bill clients to generate revenue, while clients seek to reduce their legal spending. At MNK Law, we offer monthly set retainer billing so both parties know what legal fees will amount to each month.

Our monthly retainer plans include the option for you to speak with us as needed. No more worrying about the cost of being on the phone with your attorney — we do not nickel and dime our clients.

When you work with us, we collaborate to set the number of hours and/or retention plan fee that will work for you. We also offer the option to hire us as your fractional general counsel (GC), fractional chief legal officer (CLO), or fractional chief operating officer (COO) to fill those roles. You may have heard these types of services described as an outside or virtual GC, CLO, or COO.

No matter what terminology you use, the benefits are the same. We take on the work of counsel, chief legal officer, or chief operating officer, without your needing to hire internal staff. Your fractional counsel will provide the same dedicated long-term service as a part-time employee, but without the overhead of in-house hiring. This is how we help clients to control their legal spending without compromising on service quality.

Hourly and flat-fee options

If retainer billing doesn’t work for you, you can choose an hourly rate plan or a flat fee for one-time services. Speak with us about the best options for your business.