California Judge Tentatively Rules in Favor of Class Action Against Tesla

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A California state judge has tentatively ruled that nearly 6,000 Black factory workers have grounds to sue Tesla Inc. (“Tesla”) for its alleged failure to address racial discrimination and harassment at its plant in Fremont, California.

The decision stems from a lawsuit filed in 2017 by three African-American former employees of Tesla’s Fremont factory. The employees claim to have experienced persistent racial discrimination and harassment, alleging that the company failed to intervene and protect its Black employees. A Tesla spokesperson contends that the company only became aware of these allegations recently.

Procedurally, as the ruling is tentative, Tesla can contest the ruling. But if the judge affirms the tentative ruling, trial on the matter would be split into two phases. During the first phase, the jury would decide whether Tesla failed to take sufficient measures to prevent discrimination and harassment. If the jurors find Tesla liable, then in the second phase, the plaintiffs would pursue their claims for damages.

The ruling highlights the importance of maintaining and enforcing anti-discrimination and harassment policies in the workforce—especially in California, where both judges and juries are often sympathetic to the plight of workers at high-end stores, brands, factories, and the like.

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