California Corporation Maintenance: 8 Important Requirements

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  • California Corporation Maintenance: 8 Important Requirements

When you establish a Corporation in California, it is important to maintain the corporation’s good standing with the state and federal authorities, avoid penalties, and preserve its existence as a separate legal entity. This checklist contains a set of certain tasks that must be performed by an in-house or outside corporate counsel:

(1) Filing the annual Statement of Information.
(2) Preparing and filing any annual renewals, reports, or statements.
(3) Holding annual meetings of shareholdings and directors.
(4) Drafting and maintaining minutes of annual meetings.
(5) Annually maintaining the corporate book and records.
(6) Ensuring the corporation complies with applicable regulations.
(7) Reviewing bylaws annually and updating if necessary.
(8) Consulting with General Counsel to annually update documents and ensure their compliance.

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