Cal/OSHA Issues Model Workplace Violence Prevention Plan

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On March 18, 2024, California’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“Cal/OSHA”) finally released a comprehensive model Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (“WVPP”) tailored for non-healthcare employers. This model spans nearly 20 pages and can be accessed here.

You may recall that the State of California has required employers to implement a WVPP by July 1, 2024. We strongly advise our readers to start reviewing the model now due to its length—and complexity. Additionally, we recommend readers to review Cal/OSHA concurrently published Fact Sheets, which are designed for both employers and employees. These fact sheets offer explanations of the WVPP’s requirements.

While Cal/OSHA’s model WVPP serves as a foundational template for compliance, it’s essential to recognize that it allows for significant customization to meet specific employer needs and requirements.

With a few months left for California employers to achieve compliance with Cal/OSHA’s WVPP, we strongly urge employers to begin the drafting of their WVPP if they haven’t already done so. Beginning this process early will ensure a smooth transition to compliance by the mandated deadline.

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