Rishi S. Bhatt

Senior Attorney

Precision is not Rishi Bhatt’s only passion — but it is certainly the grease that drives his work.

With a meticulous understanding of business, commercial, and employment litigation, Rishi’s proficiency fuels better outcomes for his clients.

Hailing from San Diego, Rishi understands the energy that goes into growing a business from the ground up. But his skills keep his eyes trained on where companies open themselves up to risk — or worse, where they miss opportunities.


Before earning his J.D. from the University of San Diego, Rishi built his understanding of the legal system by studying philosophy.

This grounding in jurisprudence shaped Rishi’s approach to client representation. It is not about standardized solutions. Rishi examines a business’s unique point in its life cycle. He measures how the law can mitigate current risk — but also how it stands to affect a company’s future.

But the unexpected happens. Armed with years of litigation experience, Rishi has a built-in focus to identify where — or if — a violation occurs. Analyzing the whole picture, he then implements the right plan to defend a business’s best interests.

With his human-centric focus, Rishi makes legal necessities feel less restrictive for a business. But his methods ensure that as your business evolves, it does not just align with legal compliance. It stays true to your mission, ethics, and vision.

Rishi’s personal touch began to form in law school, where he interned for the California Office of the Attorney General. In drafting motions to dismiss and for summary judgment, Rishi learned the importance of interpreting the law on a case-by-case basis. His work reinforced how there is no one-size-fits-all approach in any legal setting.

While in law school, Rishi also:

  • Served in the Ninth Circuit Appellate Clinic, co-representing a client in deportation proceedings before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
  • Externed with two Federal judges, the Honorable Gonzalo P. Curiel and the Honorable Bernard Skomal

As an associate attorney, Rishi continued to shield clients from legal misinterpretations and violations. He has successfully:

  • Argued that a court of appeal lacked jurisdiction to entertain adversary’s appeal
  • Opposed an administrative writ of mandate in a matter implicating public concern
  • Argued that a U.S. District Court lacked jurisdiction to grant the relief requested by an opponent
  • Argued that a trial court properly sustained his client’s motion to dismiss

Rishi represents clients in judicial and administrative tribunals at both the Federal and State levels.

Distinguished for his deep understanding of the law and ability to litigate on clients’ behalf, Rishi has earned several legal and civic awards.

As an undergraduate student, he was awarded the Donald A. Strauss Foundation scholarship for public service. This recognition supports student leaders who design and execute innovative, high-impact service projects.

In addition to his externships with two federal judges, Rishi excelled academically in law school. Among his accolades, he:

  • Was inducted into the International Legal Honor Society of Phi Delta Phi, serving on its Board
  • Gained recognition for achieving the highest grades in his Public International Law and Remedies coursework
  • Graduated cum laude at the top of his class

Today, Rishi remains strongly tied to his community and committed to his personal and professional development. He is an active member of:

  • The Federal Bar Association, San Diego Chapter
  • The San Diego Bar Association
  • The Christian Legal Society
  • The South Asian Bar Association
  • Mariner’s Church in Irvine, California
Bachelor of Arts2010

University of California - Los Angeles

Juris Doctorate2016

University of San Diego

State of California2016