Activision Blizzard to Pay $55 Million to Settle Workplace Discrimination Lawsuit

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Videogame maker Activision Blizzard (“Activision”) will pay $55 million to settle a 2021 lawsuit after allegations that it systematically discriminated against female employees.

Workplace Discrimination and Unequal Pay Allegations

In July 2021, California’s Civil Rights Department (“CRD”) sued Activision over allegations that the company discriminated against its female employees by paying them less than men for doing substantially similar work and denying them promotion opportunities. The CRD also alleged that Activision condoned sexual harassment in its workplace.

After protracted litigation, Activision has finally agreed to pay nearly $55 million—subject to court approval—in order to settle the claims against it once and for all.

Fair Pay and Promotion Practices

In addition to the stiff monetary payment assessment against it, under the settlement agreement, Activision must take steps to ensure fair pay and promotion practices moving forward, including retention of experts to audit the company’s compensation and promotional policies and training materials.

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