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Welcome to MNK Law. We are more than just your tenacious legal counsel — we are your trusted business advisors as well. We are experienced attorneys, but we do not believe in limiting our service to the courtroom or the drafting of transactional documents. We are our clients’ zealous advocates in both legal and business-related matters, no matter how big or small the issue.

As business owners, we know how difficult things can be for employers located in and outside of California. Navigating the minefield of business and labor laws adds an undue burden on you as you are already tasked with the monumental undertaking of building and growing your business. It is difficult to find a trusted, like-minded lawyer, and businesses often end up left out in the cold.

MNK Law is committed to being the solution. We know that you and your company are driven to do good and leave positive impacts on society, your employees, your community, and the state at large. We believe in employers like you, and we are committed to serving you.

We are better positioned to diagnose your business issues and help you find the solutions you need.

Vision. Empowering businesses to become the best version of themselves.

Mission. To listen, understand, solve, and execute on challenges by being more than just lawyers.

Our Values.

  • Work Hard
  • Find Solutions
  • Serve Others

We were born into business. Mohammad’s first job was at his family’s restaurant. He managed the restaurant throughout his teenage years. This early business experience led him to begin a career in law. He joined an international law and CPA firm, where he became the firm’s youngest partner and chair of its department of litigation attorneys.

Mohammad ultimately became the firm’s chief operating officer (COO). In this role, he managed the firm, including its various internal departments and U.S. locations. He developed the ability to look at business challenges from many different points of view and come up with a more informed diagnosis of the problem. At the same time, he formulated a measured approach to settle on specific solutions and ensure their execution. Every day, he brings this expertise to bear in advising our firm’s clients.

We are entrepreneurs first, business attorneys and litigators second. For us, business law is not just about rules, regulations, or cases. It is about the livelihood of your business. It is about us drawing from our experience to meet and exceed your needs.

We understand that the legal answer is not always the only — or the best — response. We realize that sometimes, the best solutions to a problem come by reviewing it with a business mindset as opposed to only a legal eye. Consequently, we do not eliminate options before we have fully explored them with you.

It is an unfortunate truth that most attorneys and/or business advisors tend to talk more than they listen. This leads to a lack of understanding and a misalignment between client and attorney. We go the opposite way by listening to our clients first and asking inquisitive questions. We drill down to understand the real problem and the full context around it, as well as your related business needs. Then, and only then, do we begin to offer a solution.

Growing up and working in his family’s convenience store and restaurant, Mohammad learned the importance of a business and how to handle it with care.

Being the son of entrepreneurs also taught Mohammad how important it is for business owners to have someone in their corner. As an attorney, he knows that business law tends to favor employees. That is why at MNK Law, we strive to level the playing field by giving excellent counsel to employers in all aspects of what they do. We advise not only on internal employment conflicts but also on external business challenges wherever they arise.

We create solutions that align with each client’s strategic vision and goals.

We put businesses first.

Company leaders often find themselves forced to make difficult decisions. It is extremely important for you to have all the information you need to make the best decision, even if there is no ideal path going forward.

We know that the law sets the standards by which businesses must conduct themselves. But as business owners, we also know that mere compliance is not good enough or even feasible for all companies. This is why we advise you on all legal and non-legal options.

We tell you what you can do — not what you cannot.

I do not want a lawyer who tells me what I can’t do. I hire a lawyer to tell me how I can do what I want.

Too often, attorneys tell their clients what not to do. This kind of advice is rarely helpful since business owners are well aware of what the law tells them to avoid. Good business advisors and lawyers appreciate the business owner’s needs and provide solutions instead of reinforcing the apparent roadblocks.

At MNK Law, we diagnose the issues at hand, look at all available options, and present them to you, but we do not stop there. We go the extra mile to ensure execution when the decision is made, providing clarity on the time and costs associated with the path forward.

We know business law.

We serve as counsel to clients ranging from startups to those producing more than $100 million in annual revenue. Our clients include companies active in medicine, manufacturing and distribution, human resources, software and IT, staffing, professional services, and retail, just to name a few.

In our capacity as trusted business advisor and counsel, we represent our clients in a wide range of areas including litigation, human resources compliance, and business disputes. Similarly, we offer a depth of support in transaction-related matters including entity formation and compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and contract negotiations and drafting.

We demystify the legal process.

At MNK Law, we know that communication is key to the success of any organization. We keep you in the loop with:

  • Weekly updates on your cases and legal matters
  • Monthly one-on-one meetings to discuss everything we are handling for your business
  • Semi-annual check-in sessions to review the work we are doing for you, the results we have achieved, and any additional support you might require
  • 24-hour response time to your questions
  • Onboarding knowledge sessions for clients who need ongoing hands-on assistance

We never leave our clients in the dark, and we always err on the side of detailed communication. We explain what potential solutions would look like in terms of time, exposure, and costs. Surprise end-of-month bills will not happen with us — we know that kind of thing can disrupt your business.

We execute the solutions offered, seeing them through to completion no matter how complex or simple.

We are specialists.

We are proud of our ability to provide excellent general counsel and operational services as well as traditional legal services to our business clients.

We are our clients’ trusted partners.

We work with each client to achieve what is in their best interests. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship, not just generate revenue in the short term.

We are proud of our referral network

If there is anything we cannot handle, we will refer you to a trusted expert who specializes in your area of need. All the while, we remain actively engaged with the expert to ensure your objectives are met in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

We manage in-house teams

When clients have attorneys in-house, we work with those attorneys to meet their legal and HR department deliverables. We ease the burden on the legal department by sharing work and resources. If needed, we also have the capacity to serve as a fractional general counsel by managing companies’ in-house teams day to day

We manage outside counsel

We know that businesses sometimes need help from outside specialized attorneys. Even if you already have an attorney you work with, we can help to manage that relationship, ensuring that their strategy is based on what’s best for the company rather than what suits that specific case. Likewise, we make sure that the outside counsel bills in accordance with your interests and needs.

We work with company leadership and management

To ensure all operational and managerial matters are streamlined and geared for success, we collaborate directly with your leadership team. We help organize and implement leadership development training, offsite team building, and the establishment and reinforcement of company culture.