3 Ways to Protect your Software Under an End-User License Agreement

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End-User License Agreements (“EULA”) are legally binding contracts between the owner of a product (often software) (“Licensor”) and the end-user (“Licensee”). These agreements are critical for Licensors to protect their rights in their products and to manage expectations with Licensees. Here are three simple ways a robust EULA can benefit your business:

1. Control Distribution of Software

EULAs allow a Licensor to limit the ways their software or product can be used. EULAs provide notice to your Licensee that they have been granted a license subject to specific terms and conditions. EULAs will outline the limits and restrictions that the Licensee will be under while using your software or product. For example, an EULA may limit the number of downloads and installations a Licensee can conduct, and an EULA may also prohibit commercial use of a software or product.

2. Restrict Abuses of Software

EULAs may also be used to safeguard your business by ensuring that Licensees cannot legally replicate, alter, or modify your software or product. Normally, these clauses also restrict Licensees from reverse engineering the software, which can expose your product’s design.

Such clauses are important because they will prevent Licensees from altering your software or product and later selling it for personal gain. It also provides the Licensor with a mechanism to revoke the license should Licensee be in violation of these terms.

3. Limit Liability of Damages

One of the most crucial clauses in an EULA is its limitation of liability clause. As a Licensor, it is vital to protect your business from specific or foreseeable events that may trigger a Licensee to file a lawsuit against you. Limitation of Liability Clauses limit the amount and type of damages each party can recover from one another.

Limitation of Liability Clauses let the Licensee know that you are not responsible for damages suffered (such as device damage or loss of data) as a result of their use from your software or product. These clauses also limit the specific remedies available to the Licensee.

EULAs are a great tool to safeguard your business and communicate to Licensees the type of usage and restrictions they are under when using your software or products.

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